If spring is for new beginnings, then fall was made for reflection. In terms of hair, we’re sourcing our color inspiration from the biggest trends we’ve seen this year, then interpreting the looks to make them fresh and fun for autumn. While a new cut is great (and we have endless inspo), there are far more ways to elevate your look with an infusion of color.

What’s catching our eyes and filling our camera rolls with Instagram screenshots? Cream soda blond, bright blue tones, and pumpkin spice lowlights (per the sweater weather season, of course). Even Cherin Choi, L.A.’s in-the-know colorist, confirms that playing with pigment (even the temporary kind), is going to be big this season. “I recommend transforming highlights to a shade of brunette with a simple gloss,” she says. “It washes out over time and is a great way to try something new for the fall.”

“I’m really into navy hair right now. It’s a great way to be bold, but it isn’t as in-your-face as, say, baby pink or rainbow hair. I’ve been saving tons of blue hair inspiration on my Instagram and I’m really considering taking the plunge this fall.”

“Pour me a nice, tall glass of cream soda blond, please. I am in love with this bright blond base with ribbons of warm lowlights for fall.”

“I’m obsessed with this fallayage look. It’s subtle enough for people who rarely color their hair, like me, but has enough pumpkin spice tones to add dimension.”

“As a natural redhead, I have sworn to my mom — and every hairdresser I’ve ever met — that I’ll never touch my hair with dye. But I have to say that I’m obsessed with the way that this multidimensional color is both bright and shiny. It has me thinking about getting a hair gloss to accentuate my color.”

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